Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Life is indeed a funny game,

Where you have to acknowledge a loss or relish a gain.

You might feel great but still put up with a pain,

After all you are human, just slightly insane.     


You might feel bad,

You might feel sad,

But give it some time you will be glad,

Coz you know well, this wasn’t an ephemeral fad.


Life is shaping you up,

And it’s time to spring up.

U gotta be skilled at absorbing a shock,

 Swiftly transitioning your heart into a rock.

What’s important is your love for innovation,

So give all what you have for your dreams and ambition.


It’s a new fight.

It’s a new insight.

You have to put in all your might,

And overlook the so called plight.

 You can’t be weak and susceptible,

Coz now it’s time to be strong and stable.

It’s not time to get lost,

You gotta make it at any cost.


Life is indeed a funny game.                                   -Ankit  Sethi. (Poem for a friend)




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